Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Results 26/6

Indonesia Super League

Persib v Deltras 3-1 (Budiawan, Radovic, Noh Alam Shah; Lancine Kone) 18,575

Controversy aplenty at Siliwangi Stadium. Persib striker Noh Alam Shah was felled in the area by Deltras keeper Herman Batak. Keeper claims he was caught in the throat, ref disagreed, Batak attacks ref, ref falls down, lots of arm waving, placcy bottles, always the placcy bottles, thrown on field, Persib sub keeper Jendri Pitoy races on to field to calm down Batak who leaves eventually.

Funnily enough the ref did not, I repeat, did not, change his mind. Radovic kept his cool and netted a retaken spot kick though the replacement keeper got close to it.

A word about Marcio Souza. And a positive one at that. laid on two goals in an unselfish display, gelling nicely with NA.

Divisi Utama Play Offs

Barito Putra v Persebaya 5-1 (Bienvenue Nnengue 2, Syiahful Nazar, nehemia Solossa, Sackie Teah Doe; Richard Obiora) 2,376

Malaysia Super League

Terengganu v Kelantan 2-2
Perak v T Team 3-2
Selangor v PKNS 1-0
Sabah v Kedah 1-0
Johor FC v KL 1-0
Felda United v Sarawak 0-1

Sounds like a thrilling north east derby in Terengganu. Kelantan champions elect?

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