Thursday, June 28, 2012


PSIM v Persebaya 2-1

Yoi just have to admire the optimism that pervades in Indonesian football. No one has a real idea when any new season may start or what it will look like yet  both leagues carry on regardless.

This year’s rebel league is now hosting the Divisi Utama play offs for the right to play in next season’s Indonesia Super League. Two groups of four are fighting it out, literally, to be promoted.

Today saw the second round of games in Yogyakarta. Hosts PSIM defeated PS Sumbawa Barat 2-1 in their first game while Persebaya were thumped 5-1 by Barito Putra.

The pressure was evident on that first day with one ref reportedly being asked to be replaced and one coach, Persebaya’s Freddy Mulli, quitting after that defeat.

The game may have been played at Mandala Krida Stadium in Yogyakarta but otticially the hosts were the away team.

Given the way they were crushed in the first game it was a wonder any Persebaya fans made the journey at all bit a did and they kept up a noise all game.

The game itself? You know lah, typical Indonesian fare, all three goals came from dead balls, two penalties, plastic bottles were thrown, the ref was attacked and pushed by players from both teams and the sun shone.
Persebaya in truth should have won the game but the PSIM keeper put in a good shift.

Controversy was never far away. PSIM had appeals for apenalty turned down. Minutes later they were given a dodgy nne which the Persebaya players vehemently protested in the usual manner. The ire was futher increased when the keeper saved the penalty only for the ref to allow it to be taken again. PSIM scored second time around which I think was the idea anyway.

For all the pushing and shoving of the ref he seemed to take it in good spiriy. At least he didn’t book anyone.
Which contrasted nicely with when he awarded Persebaya a penalty of their very own. He sent the PSIM offender off. My picture on AsianFootball Pictures shows that it was a borderline call at best. Deserving of a red? Nope.

Second half was mostly Persebaya with Cucu Hidayat looking in good form but for all their possession they never really troubled the keeper again.

Players spent most of the game falling over for little apparent reason. The ref had lost the game as mini feuds erupted all over the bloody place including the PSIM bench where some geezer in a suit manhandled one of his coaching staff away from the match officials.

Like I said before. Just another Indonesian football match!

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