Monday, June 04, 2012


Another Death Mars IPL Action

Bontang v Persema 2-5 (Serge Emaleu, Kande Lansana; Guy Bertrand, Reza Mostafa, Kim Kurniawan, Emile Mbamba, M Kamri)
PSMS v Persijap 1-1 (Ahn Hyo Yeon; I Made Wirahadi)
Arema v Persiraja 2-1 (TA Mushafry, Amiruddin; Arief Kurniawan)
Persebaya v Persija 3-3 (Fernando Soler 2, Otavio Dutra; Emmanuel de Porras 2, Rinto Ali)

The game in Surabaya was described as a 'pearler'. Persija scored twice just after half time to give themselves the lead before the home team pulled back. Then de Porras scored his second in injury time to give the team who come from Jakarta but don't play in Jakarta 'cos no one in Jakarta likes them, a scent of three points but the home team pulled one back moments later.

Didn't matter, the home fans went on the rampage, police fired tear gas, one fan died and that is the stoy of another week in Indonesian football.

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