Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Two Teams In Gresik

They started the ISL season known as Gresik United but some media are now calling them Persegres. There is a Gresik United in the 'official' Divisi Utama but they don't announce attendance so we cannot compare. Anyway this lot may just be 12th but their crowds are pretty healthy if the numbers tend to be rounded up by the look of it.

v Persela 20,000
v Arema 21,000
v Mitra Kukar 22,800
v Persisam 18,400
v Deltras 18,800
v Persidafon 22,200
v Persib 20,350
v Pelita Jaya 23,400
v Persija 20,245
v PSPS 12,840
v Persiram 6,300

i think the suporters is more than that. u know not all suporters buy ticket they use "back door"
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