Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Indonesia's Late Payers

Following on from yesterday's players union meeting in Jakarta, the following clubs are either late in paying salaries or have faced difficulties in paying wages or bonuses on time.

Indonesia Premier League (Official league recognised by FIFA)

That is, he says reaching for a calculator, seven clubs out of a 12 club league. And remember these are the guys who promised to guarantee all salaries, who said late payment is a thing of the past.

Indonesia Super League

  • PSMS
  • PSPS
  • Persidafon
  • Persiwa
  • Persiram
  • Deltras
  • Arema
  • Persela
  • Pelita Jaya
  • Persija
  • Sriwijaya
Again, using my amazing mathematic skills that works out at 11 clubs in the 18 club league. And you know what? Four of them are closely identified with the group that runs the league! Says it all doesn't it? How the hell is the league going to sanction clubs that, in effect, they own?

Don't expect a sympathetic hearing from clubs in either of the leagues. They just don't give a toss.

Oh, and this list doesn't include clubs in the respective Divisi Utamas.

You know what? If the players did hang up their boots the clubs wouldn't give a toss. They would just find some raw kids to browbeat and overpower.

Thanks to FIFA for allowing this wound to fester...

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