Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Indonesia Have Games Scheduled Shock

Indonesia are lining up a few friendlies and to help prepare they are playing a University team in Yogyakarta!

They fly to Palestine after to compete in the Al Nakba Tournament. (Just wondering if they need visas to visit Palestine?)

10 teams have entered and they are drawn into three groups with Indonesia in Group B

17/5 Uzbekistan
19/5 Iraq

Palestine, Vietnam, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Jordan and Mauritania are also competing.

Indonesia have also arranged a friendly against Philippines in Manila for June 5. Well, I dunno if they arranged it or the hosts did.

Also have no idea of the squad for Palestine. Many have been asked but few have answered the call.

Going to Palestine is the back end of a quid pro quo for that friendly in Indonesia last August, I imagine. You'd figure Prince Ali of Jordan would clear any potential visa hurdles since he got the ball rolling in all of this.

Figure on an all-IPL squad. No reason for the ISL teams to cooperate and no foreign clubs will release their players as it's a non-FIFA date.

Haven't read anything outside of Wikipedia on that Manila friendly. Republika had something in February about Indonesia going to Algeria, but haven't seen anything on that since.
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