Saturday, March 17, 2012


Nonsense At Geylang

Mike Wong has quit SLeague strugglers Geylang United. The Eagles had started the season poorly with three defeats in their opening three games including a 7-1 reverse against Home United.

The club initially announced Wong would be placed in charge of the Prime League side; a strange move that most professional football coaches would not entertain. Wong didn't and has left the club.

Geylang have fully embraced the Business School language culture that Singaporeans so adore. They are talking about introducing Key Performance Indicators for every member of staff 'including the kit man'.

Players will have their performances evaluated after every game while people in suits will only be evaluated every three months because 'we need to know if we have the right person for each job.'

What a bunch of bollocks. Perhaps we could see the assistant coach fired 'cos the cones are not lined up straight enough, the kit man fired 'cos the centre forward's shirt doesn't have sharp enough creases or the chairman fired 'cos he doesn't use enough business school bullshit.

By their logic then Kenny Dalglish would have been fired a long time ago, Andy Carroll would have been released last summer and Jordan Henderson would have been placed in charge of bibs before games.

The club appointed a new chairman ahead of the new season.

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