Saturday, March 10, 2012


More Dead Football Fans

Apparently four Persebaya fans fell to their deaths on the way to their Indonesia Premier League game at Persibo. The train, as ever, was overcrowded, and was attacked, as ever, at Lamongan with fans on the roof falling to their deaths. Several more were taken to hospitals in Bojonegoro.

Don't waste your breath waiting for anyone to take responsibility. The FA, the clubs, the security and the railway company will play point the finger and hope everyone will soon forget. Which they will.

Some questions that won't be considered:

  1. Why were fans allowed on the roof?
  2. Why were fans allowed to travel?
  3. Why don't clubs get involved with supporters clubs and arrange safe, affordable travel to away games?
  4. Considering the events a couple of years ago when Persebaya fans travelled to Bandung why were no preventative measures taken?
  5. Where does the buck stop?
I know, these questions will be viewed as wishy washy from an over liberal westerner (and anyone who knows me will tell you liberal I ain't) but hey? What happens if the parents of those kids who went to a football match and never returned asked those questions? What would your answers be?

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