Monday, February 27, 2012


Steve Darby Rates Andik Vermansyah

When Steve Darby says a player is worth watching then you can be sure he is worth watching. Darby has been involved in football in this part of the world bloody ages; he was working in Australia the same time I was there and has had an intimate knowledge of the game far beyond many.

In this interview, which the website bill as exclusive, Steve praises Persebaya's exciting young winger Andik Vermansyah and so he should. The guy does look to have something about him.

Now far be it for little old me to put myself on a par with Steve for footballing knowledge, when I say Mind The Gap Tottenham fans will understand what I mean, I first wrote about Vermansyah's ability in November 2008 so I do feel chuffed when a real football person backs up my opinion.

Indonesia seems to have spells when it falls in love with wide men. Elie Aiboy springs to mind as does Okta Maniani who grabbed the headlines during the AFF Cup heroics back in 2010. Back then a few people got all excited suggesting Okta could play abroad...but for me he is not in the same class as Andik.

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