Friday, February 10, 2012


Persiram v Persidafon 5-2

It was a Papuan derby in South Jakarta. Persiram Raja Ampat don’t have a stadium that meets ISL standards so they have become a bit nomadic this season; this was their third home game at Lebak Bulus while they have also used Surajaya Stadium in Lamongan.

At the weekend the ‘hosts’ earned their first win of the season, defeating Deltras 3-1, a result that had Deltras coach Jorg Steinbrunner fuming over what he saw as poor refereeing decisions that cost him the match while Persidafon, up in Palembang, were trounced 5-0 by Sriwijaya.

The form book, such as it was, was ripped up as Persidafon raced into an early 2-0 lead. They were dominating the home team who hardly had a look in. but then, inexplicably, they stopped. Persidafon stopped closing down; they stopped harrying, they stopped talking. They became very passive and as a consequence allowed Persiram back in to the game. The passion and fire had gone and they were little more than empty shells going through the motion.

I’d seen Persidafon earlier in the season when they’d played Persija in Jakarta and they had been very well disciplined and tough to break down. That game ended 0-0, probably leaving the coaching duo of Sergei Dubrovin and Isman Jasulmai with wry smiles on their faces; they had previously worked together at Persija back in 2007.

As a team they are not without experience or flair. Former international Christian Worabay captains the side while up front they boast former Cameroonian international Claude Parfait Ngon Djam and the exciting young Patrich.

First Jean Paul Boumsong scored just before half time. Like he did with his second against Deltras, Boumsong really did his best to miss the opportunity as he stabbed from in front of the goal but the ball did make its mark on the net and Persiram were back in the game.

Second half they were the only team in the game. Two quick goals shortly after the break put them in the lead as the visitors meekly rolled over and asked for their belly to be tickled. Two late goals gave the score an emphatic sheen but then it could have been a whole lot more.

A cynic, and luckily I’m not one, might smell fish.

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