Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Outlawed In Tangerang

There have been incidents of crowd disorder at the Benteng Stadium in Tangerang over the last few years despite the fact that the two tenents, Persita and Persikota, haven't met for a good while.

When one team plays the other boys come over to lob bricks and vice versa and no one seems able to stop it despite the police clamping down on girls wearing short skirts to games.

Into this vacuum have stepped one of several mass religious organisations who have decided to declare football in the city to be haram, or forbidden and will ask the police to refuse permission for games to be held at the stadium in the future.

Corruption, smoking and throwing your trash on the street are all fine as are the numerous shops that sell 'blue pills' but fighting football fans seems to be a misdeamenor too far.

Police have in the past threatened to not allow games to be held at the stadium because incidents keep being repeated but little actually seems to be done about stopping it.

There have also been incidents between the two sets of supporters away from the stadium, Karawaci for example, so just banning games will not necessarily stop the trouble.

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