Sunday, February 12, 2012


Match Reports I Never Wrote

Since I started this here blog just over six years ago I've seen almost 200 games across the region. I've been to a lot more but for some reason I never quite get to the stadium.

Persipura hosted East Bengal last year in the AFC Cup at Bung Karno so I headed off nice and early to catch the game. Then it pissed down, big time. The traffic was stuck, nothing moving anywhere so I decided to hit a pub instead and take advantage of some rare afternoon necking time.

Then there was the time I was in Singapore for the Cup Final between Tampines Rovers and Bangkok Glass. I went out lunch time to do some shopping, the kind of things we don't get in Jakarta, and picked up some toys for my little Gooner.

I had a lunch appointment in a pub so we sit there watching the golf from Sentosa, the heavy black clouds convincing us to have one more. Then one more. I ended up being dragged round the four floors with my shopping still intact and eventually crawled home abut 4 am. I had to wait till I got back home before I could find out the score of the game I'd flown all that way to see.

To cap it all I got a phone call on the Monday morning reporting plenty of suspicious activity in Singapore over the weekend. Yep, 'fraid that was me as well.

Then there was Bangkok last year. Bangkok Glass v Chonburi; a rare chance to catch up with the Bunnies plus of course see a game. I prepared in usual style at a pub then started getting all melancholy over my younger days in the city and spent the rest of the afternoon, and evening, boring the pants off people of my old drinking haunts. And I missed the bunnies...

This year has been a shocker and it's only six weeks old. First I went to see Persiram and Persiba. I actually made it to the stadium, got inside the stadium and waited for the game to kick off. Twenty minutes after it was supposed to have kicked off there was an announcement; the game was off. Large demonstrations meant the police and other security were tied up elsewhere and they couldn't play without them.

Then there was last weekend. I set off to go to Persikabo, stopped off at a bookshop to buy a magazine, took one look at the clouds, considered the fact that Persikabo had only scored two goals all season and headed to the pub.

There was one more game I never made it to. Tottenham away in 1985. We got as far as the pub, thought we'd have a quicky before the next train and ended up staying till kicking out time. Another time there was an England World Cup qualifier against Hungary. Win that and we were on our way. I had my ticket bought in advance for a sell out and dutifully travelled up to Wembley. Got outside the stadium and flogged the bloody thing for a tenner, caught the next train home and listened to it on the radio.

And finally. I was living in Germany and Munchen was hosting the European Cup Final between Marseille and AC Milan. Got to the stadium, found a scouser flogging tickets, I kid you not, and thought yeap, reasonable enough. Then I thought sod it, better spend the money on a few beers, got a night train to Prague to catch...

That's the spirit Ant hic Tony.

Merry X'Mas hic Cheers...
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