Saturday, February 18, 2012


Hey Big Spender

Another political dynasty is splashing the cash in Thailand’s provinces. This time it is the Silpa Archas’ of Suphanburi fame. The patriarch will go down in history as one of the country’s funniest prime ministers, at least until his replacement came along, but back home they love him as all the road and building names will testify. (We call this sarcasm).

Emulating his one time sparring partner newin Chidchob in the north east at Buriram, the Silpa Archas’ see football as a way to show off their power, status and wealth; all inextricably linked in Thailand’s puu yai culture.

The Division One team have been busy recruiting players including former Thai international striker Pipat Thonkanya and Worawut Wongsawad.

Now comes news they have raided Thai Port again with their central defender Moise Swa (pictured top left flat out) joining the revolution going on in the wild west.

As with the Chidchobs, the family don’t accept failure easily. Will they follow the path of Buriram FC and canter to the TPL?

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