Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Thai Coach Blames Lack Of Fitness

Thailand lost to a South Korea team yesterday in the King's Cup. I have no idea which South Korea, it certainly weren't the first team and they didn't even include the Arsenal striker Park, but anyone the Thais played them and got beat 3-1.

Coach Winnie Schaefer after the game said the Thai team weren't very fit.

Hmm. Let's see. A season that began last February. Intermininable FA and League Cup schedules. A frequently rearranged TPL schedule. A SEA Games disaster. Prehistoric training methods at some clubs.

God knows when the Thai season will end. And he will only now if the FA and or TPL deign to tell him in advance. The League Cup Final is scheduled for February. The end of that month sees a final WCQ with the Thais having an outside chance of going through to the next round.

And then the next season begins when? Early March?

Lack of preparation has hampered the Thai national team at every major international event for several years now and it doesn't look like ending any time soon.

If Thailand had a powerful animal protection lobby they would be protesting at the conditions players there operate under.

The King's Cup, a football tradition dating back decades, has surely run its course, at least in its current format. There are already too many demands on the players with the normal TPL/AFF/AFC/FIFA schedule without adding to it by playing kids from Scandinavia and South Korea.

Time to put it out of its misery.

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