Monday, October 31, 2011


SEA Games 2011 Ticket Prices

Two venues being used in Jakarta for this year's SEA Games. These are the prices for the Group Stage at each venue

Bung Karno Stadium (Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand)

VVIP - 250,000 IDR
West VIP - 150,000 IDR
East Vip - 100,000 IDR
Category 1 - 75,000 IDR
Category 2 - 50,000 IDR
Category 3 - 25,000 IDR
Category 4 - 15,000 IDR

Lebak Bulus Stadium (Brunei, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Timor Leste, Vietnam)

Class 1 - 100,000 IDR
Class 2 - 75,000 IDR
Class 3 - 50,000 IDR
Class 4 - 25,000 IDR

Opening games are at Bung Karno with Vietnam v Philippines at 4pm and Laos v Myanmar kick off 7pm. At those prices don't expect a sell out.

Indonesia v Singapore has been scheduled for a 2pm kick off which is barmy, a bit like the weather. The one game I really want to see, it is also on absolutely the wrong day. For me at least.

Anyway based on 9,000 IDR to the USD what do you think of those ticket prices?

Never mind the VIP seats, the Category 1 at RP75,000 would be about Sing$13. Need to see the Bung Karno seating layout plan for the ticket prices.
26th Southeast Asian games will be starting this November check out details like schedule, dates and more here
Southeast Asian Games 2011
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