Sunday, October 16, 2011


The Revolving Door At Mohun Bagan

Steve Darby has quit as coach of Indian team Mohun Bagan before the season even begun. Reports suggest he was unwilling to work while there was a three man committee overlooking his shoulder.

Everybody watches English football on TV. Everyone wears the replica shirts of the big, successful clubs yet it seems no one understands what it takes to build a successful football club.

Football clubs in this part of the world are little more than personal fiefdoms for the personal glory and aggrandizement of the owners. The players, the coaches are little more than chattels or pawns, to be moved according to a whim and a prayer. Logic has no place, neither does team building.

It ain't about how much money you have, how many top of the range German or Italian cars you have damaging their suspension on the pot holed main roads, it ain't about the gold dripping off your arms or mistress gasping for your flabby, sweaty body. It's about style and style has no price. You can't buy it.

Anyway, Steve Darby will go down in Mohun Bagan history as its shortest serving coach while a possible replacement is David Booth who has his own personal merry go round having coached Laos, Si Sa Ket and Phnom Penh Crown in the last 10 months!

Coach in Asia and, umm, see Asia!

No can do on the David Booth front...he's just signed a new 12-month contract with Phnom Penh Crown FC and will be looking to emulate his Cambodian League Championship title and Finalists in the AFC President's Cup, next season. Roll on the start of the new season.
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