Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Pakistan Fancy Indonesian Dates

December sees the South Asian Football Federation Cup, like the ASEAN Cup but different region of course, and Pakistan are looking to South East Asia to help with their warm ups. Nepal are of course all ready back packing round the region, playing the odd game here and there.

Pakistan are already planning a week in Thailand, now Football Pakistan is reporting they are hoping to have a week in Indonesia. The Thai dates are 22-29 November so arriving in Indonesia before then may well clash with the Under 23 SEA Games which is around that time.

But with football clubs in Indonesia starved of competitive practise thanks to the usual bollocks behind the scenes there may well be a few club sides interested in giving the Pakistani side a game. Not forgetting the national who would have played two more World Cup Qualifiers, and lost them...they would be in need of a gentle run out!

Now here's a funny thing. I worked in Karachi several years ago for a short spell and when I told people that I was based in Indonesia they would look at me and say 'isn't it dangerous there?!'

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