Monday, October 17, 2011


Jaya Hartono Takes Over Persija

OK, this could get confusing. Remember there are two Persija's? One which is run by, umm, Persija and is recognised by the players and fans? The other is run by the guys who ran Jakarta FC in last season's Change The Game LPI.

Anyway the PSSI, now with former LPI guys in strategic positions, decided the latter Persija was the real Persija and approved them for membership in their league. Which began at the weekend. With one game. And is now on hold. Like the LPI was last season for several months.

Anyway that Persija have appointed Jaya Hartono as their coach for a season that won't begin, for them at least, until the end of October. The former Persik, Persib and Deltras will have hos work cut out...I don't think he has that many players to choose from. Anyway given the twists and turns of Indonesian football Persija will probably start next year in the SLeague playing their home games in Manado!

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