Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Bring Back Nurdin!

It was widely believed that nothing could out incompetence the previous regime at the Indonesian FA but the new mob are doing their damnedest. Days after announcing clubs like Persis were among the most professionally run in the country they decided to keep the league as it began last season, promote the four clubs who got promoted, reinstate the three clubs who quit mid season, promote the only team who got relegated and promote two other teams because they were big clubs!

All this after it was decided the top flight would have two conferences of 16 teams, then one of 18. Now, if you've done the maths, it's 24! And let's not go on about the clubs which have divided into two and no one knows which one is which.

Season could be, should be starting next weekend yet there is still no fixture list out. It's useful of course in a football league to know who you are playing and when. It makes training easier to organise. Indonesia of course is a bloody big country. Logistics are a pain in the place where the sun rarely shines. Away games need flights booked, hotels reserved and training pitches co-ordinated.

Clubs can do none of this. With good reason they're getting peeved with some even asking whether the league will even kick off. At least under the old regime a fixture list came out ahead of the season. It was frequently changed of course but it came out.

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