Thursday, October 27, 2011


Borey Dropped From National Team

Cambodia's sole target this year in international football has been the SEA Gams which start next month, hopefully, in Jakarta. The national team coach came out and said several months ago the World Cup Qualifiers, against Laos, weren't important, his eye was on regional glory.

To help prepare for that regional glory, they have been drawn with Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore so the definition of glory maybe an interesting one, Cambodia have played teams like a bunch of Korean students.

Anyway the coach as only gone and dropped the biggest name in Cambodian football ahead of the games. Khim Borey is perhaps the only recognisable player from Cambodia, though Keo Sogngorn is highly rated and could make an impact.

Back to Khim. Time with Si Sa Ket before returning to Cambodia with Phnom Penh Crown means this is a lad with a bit of experience around the region. Strange then that the coach isn't taking him.

Cambodia's South Korean national coach, who's only previous experience was as the assistant coach of the Korean's ladies team, knows as much about coaching an adult men's team as your average ball-boy. He is worse than useless. Khim Borey is as close Cambodia will ever have to say England's Michael Owen, yet the coach refuses to select him for the national team. It's completely bonkers.
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