Sunday, August 21, 2011


Singapore International To Join Deltras?

I love the way how what would in England be sensational stories here become a throwaway comment in another much less interesting story.

Deltras of course have a new coach. Jorg Steinbrunner from Germany. This run of the mill story says that Deltras, nicknamed The Lobster (singular), are holding trials and a couple of doezen players have joined up.

The article mentions the signings Deltras have already made plus another couple of locals they maybe interested. Then, right towards the end, the club manager, not the 24 year old girl from last season, the manager suggests that Singapore international striker Noh Alam Shah would be joining the club!

In the news hungry English media where every nuance and utterance is forensically covered with the proverbial fine tooth comb this story would halt the presses. NAS is a big name, one of the biggest in South East Asia. That he is being linked with a move away from Arema, one of the biggest clubs in Indonesia, to nearby Deltras surely is worth more than just a couple of lines in another story?

Anyway I have tried confirming the story but no luck yet. We shall wait and see!

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