Monday, July 25, 2011


Highest & Lowest

Highest Thai Premier League 2011 Attendances

24,712 Buriram PEA v Chonburi
24,125 Buriram PEA v Chiang Rai United
21,370 Muang Thong United v Si Sa Ket
20,011 Muang Thong United v Buriram PEA
16,360 Buriram PEA v Thai Port

Lowest Thai Premier League 2011 Attendances

429 Navy v Pattaya United
437 TOT v Pattaya United
447 Pattaya United v Navy
629 Navy v TTM
673 Pattaya United v Osotspa

Can we learn anything from these numbers? eams from isarn, the north east, seem to attract large numbers both home and away though of course Buriram PEA's figures are, like their title bid this year, highly influenced by a man whose influence Roman Abramovich can only dream of. Bangkok of course is home to a large number of migrants from around the cound...many from the north east.

I could have sworn last year, or was it the year before, Navy were getting healthy crowds? Both them and Pattaya, from the eastern seaboard, have been playing 'away' from home this season which has no doubt had an impact on their numbers. Politicians with clout can summon the masses in the boonies, it's a bit harder elsewhere. TOT are also a nomadic club.

SOURCE - Dale's Chonburi site

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