Thursday, July 21, 2011


300 +

Singapore fans may have queued overnight to buy tickets for the World Cup Qualifier against Malaysia this Saturday but they have been lees keen to commit to the second leg.

4,000 tickets were bought within hours of going on sale, though applicants could buy a maximum of four per person which could see a flooded black market and banks of empty seats if scalpers had moved in hoping for a quick killing.

Singapore have been allocated 2,000 for the return leg in KL next week and reports suggest just less than 300 have been sold so far.

Others may be waiting for the result on Saturday. Many people won't bother if Singapore get a drubbing at home, thinking it would be a waste of time and money.

I on the other hand would remind them that after they had been beaten 3-1 by Thailand in the AFC Asian Cup qualifier back in 2009 most Singaporeans had written off their own team. The Lions went to Bangkok and won 1-0!

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