Monday, June 20, 2011


More CLeague Excitement

Gotta say I wasn't expecting much yesterday at the Olympic Stadium. I got 10 goals! Not bad eh? The first game between National Police and Kirivong saw the coppers go2-0 up, Kirivong get back to 2-2 before the coppers nicked it in injury time.

The second game between Prek Pra Keila and Chhlam Samuth saw PPK win yet again, 3-2 in an exciting game that was full of high drama and short players, especially the PPK keeper who had his hair stand up to make him look bigger...didn't work, he still had the physique of a sick insect. He was well beaten at a free kick he never saw and a free header after he punched the ball all of three yards.

However his team, backed by their vociferous support, had cause to thank him when he made an excellent save to stop a Chlamm Samuth goal bound header.

The quality in both games was bloody awful, let's be honest with the foreign strikers especially big on 'let me shoot' but slow on pace. But it was the frailities on the field that made both games great fun to watch and is that such a bad thing?

Fuller match reports can be found on Kingdom of Football.

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