Thursday, June 23, 2011


English Interest In SLeague

Story yesterday suggesting some businessmen were putting together a bid to joun the SLeague in 2012; assuming that is any of the current 12 teams decide to drop out.

Paul Parker, former England, Fulham and QPR full back, is thought to be involved at some level. He has been kicking round the region for a couple of years now and was behind a failed bid from Darwin in Australia.

Nothing more available for now. Obviously there is a massive interest in English football, the Sky view of the game is swallowed hook line and sinker, so any English involvement would likely generate great interest.

Much though will depend on the nature of that involvement. Etoile are a French team but they are little more than a footballing version of American Idol where players who shine can be offered contracts elsewhere.

Would an English team be along the same lines? In effect turning the SLeague into a shop window for pros who fail to make the grade in their own country and seek a second chance in Asia?

Nothing wrong with that of course, plenty of people have headed east over the years, but it's up to Singapore if they want their flagship league to be an audition for others.

Far better would be a team associated with an English club. For example a Liverpool team here would probably attract great interest from the thousands of Liverpool wearing clones here if the players are contracted with the mother club and are in effect on a season long loan.

More from this story as we hear more...

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