Thursday, May 19, 2011


Singapore FA Fiddles As Crowds Stay Away

Young Lions v Woodlands Wellington 509
Etoile v Gombak United 502
Woodlands Wellington v Tanjong Pagar 753
Balestier Khalsa v Etoile 602
Tanjong Pagar v SAFFC 880

Grim reading eh? These are recent attendances at SLeague games and remember Etoile are the bloody champions!

Much talk of strategic plans, much quotes from the great and good in the world game (sic) saying how great the strategic plan is/was. Well, we can't expect a turn around overnight but perhaps a little stabilising at least?

But nope, can't even manage that. The SLeague, a genuinely exciting league, is sinking and the captain is in his life raft and long gone.

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