Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Persiraja Team Bus Attacked

Persiraja were beaten 2-0 by PSMS in Medan last night in front of crowd of 15,121. The home team's goals came from Vagner Luis and Gaston Castano.

However, after the game, as the Persiraja team were returning to their hotel, their bus attacked by rock throwing PSMS fans leaving four players with head wounds including captain Abdul Musawir.

PSMS fans later apologised on Twitter.

UPDATE - eyewitness account from one of the people on the Persiraja bus at the time when asked was it scary. Interview was done by sms.

Yes, very scary because from the stadium to the hotel they followed us. We couldn't stop at the hotel, the driver took us to the police station. The bus windows all gone, two people injured, they had to call for back up.

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