Wednesday, March 30, 2011


World Cup 2014 Qualifiers

Round 1

v Chinese Taipei
Bangladesh v Pakistan
Cambodia v Laos
Sri Lanka v Philippines
Afghanistan v Palestine
Vietnam v Macau
Nepal v Timor Leste
Mongolia v Myanmar

First leg, June 29
Second leg, July 3

Round 2

v Afghanistan or Palestine
Lebanon v Bangladesh or Pakistan
China v Cambodia or Laos
Turkmenistan v Indonesia
Kuwait v Sri Lanka or Philippines
Oman v Mongolia or Myanmar
Saudi Arabia v Hong Kong
Iran v Maldives
Syria v Tajikistan
Qatar v Vietnam or Macau
Iraq v Yemen
Singapore v Malaysia or Chinese Taipei
Uzbekistan v Kyrgyzstan
UAE v India
Jordan v Nepal or Timor Leste

First leg, July 23
Second leg, July 28

Only Brunei missing from the World Cup qualifier though if the PSSI carry on its cack handed manner they may soon face the wrath of FIFA.

Which may not be a bad thing seeing that they got thumped by Turkmenistan recently in the Olympic Qualifiers.

Eye catching is a potential Causeway Derby between Malaysia, AFF Cup and SEA Games holders, against a Singapore side perhaps at a crossroads.

Back in 2007, if I recall, Timor Leste played their World Cup qualifier home leg in Bali...

If South East Asia gets two teams through to the next round they will have done bloody well. Thailand should get through, as should Malaysia. Or Singapore.

Lions Raddy need a magic wand this time, his whips will not work...
Do you think indonesia cant make it to the next round ??
we really hope to go down the causeway and play Singapore as it has been the dream match that all of Malaysian been waiting for ... the ultras plus the KLC we'll be there romping the cute kitty .... come on!!!
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