Thursday, March 31, 2011


Persija v Persipura 1-1

Good game. Very good game. Deserved a better crowd but then what do you expect on a work day and the way the traffic is these days in Jakarta.

First half was all Persipura. Zah Rahan and Manu Wanggai were sublime in the middle, the back three rarely troubled and I think the keeper returned to the dressing room half way through.

While Persipura threatened with every move, Titus Bonai and Boas Solassa led the cumbersome Persija a merry dance sure they did, the home team were static. Playing with one up front, Agu Casmir, they lacked the mobility of the visitors. Agu does less work off the ball than the Persipura duo, always wanting the ball to feet, playing as a lone striker he needed the service.

At half time we were entertained by a politico type walking round the pitch milking the prompted applause from the Persija support. Dunno about you but if anybody had wantonly destroyed Highbury with no plan B in place they most certainly not have been applauded. Unfortunately you need friends in high places.

Second half was all Persija. Persipura did nothing. Oh, except score. But apart from that what did Persipura do?

Persija encamped in the Black Pearls half and their late equaliser was no more than they deserved. Persipura continued to break with pace but the midfield was slow in support or maybe they were happy with a third consecutive away point. Draws at Sriwijaya, Persib and Persija? That's why they'll be champions...

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