Saturday, March 26, 2011


Anyone But Buriram PEA

I think I'm gonna drop the Thai Premier League from my list of games to see this season. It's so obvious Buriram PEA will win the title and don't be surprised if Buriram get promoted either. They sit 6th after their opening four games but crucially remain unbeaten.

Back in 2009 it looked like the TPL was on course to become the major league in the region but the nefarious influence of certain individuals, plus your run of the mill incompetence, means that 2010 was, at least in my feeble opinion, a bit of a let down, though I may have had a different view had Bangkok Glass managed to show consistency.

2010 was marred by interminable pre season friendlies and tournaments plus a confused end to the season while 2011 has began in a confusing, and delayed, manner with no one really having an idea when the season may end.

Buriram PEA's narrow 1-0 win away to Pattaya United today sees them five points clear after five games. (Sorry, BEC won so it's three points). If Army United or Police United win their games tomorrow the gap will still be two points but as I said a few days back, there is a depressing familiarity to Thai football these days with old clubs, like PEA, Police and Army, running the show.

Let's hope that isn't the case...

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