Tuesday, February 15, 2011


More Deportation Threats

The Indonesian FA are hoping to have 22 foreign players deported from the country. In what would be a spectacular PR blunder, admittedly not the first, they have sent the relevant ministry a list of players they say are playing illegally in the country.

Despite having relevant paperwork the PSSI claim that as they are the only authority empowered to organise competitive football in Indonesia then players registered with the rebel Liga Primer Indonesia are here under false pretenses and shouldn't be here.

These are the naughty boys under investigation.

Patricio Jimenez Diaz (Chile/Semarang United), Antonio Adriano Teles Junior (Brasil/Solo FC), Fernando Andrade (Brasil/Bali de Vata), Oscar Alejandro Aravena (Chile/Bali de Vata), Amarildo Luis de Souza (Brasil/Semarang United), Joshua James Maguire (Australia/Semarang United).

Javier Leopoldo Roca Sepuldeva (Chile/Batavia Union), Jong Kyung Kim (South Korea/Batavia Union), Na Byung Yul (South Korea/Batavia Union), John Tarkpor S (Liberia/Persebaya 1927), Yetna Mouaha Felix (Camerron/Manado United), Eugene Dadi (Australia/Persibo), Kim Kang Hyun (South Korea/Persibo), Carlos Eduardo Bizarro (Brasil/Persibo), Li Zhixing (China/Persibo).

Robert Mark Gaspar (Australia/Persema), Seme Patrik Pierre (Cameroon/Persema), Guy Bertrand Ngon A Mamoun (Cameroon/Persema), Srecko Mitrovic (Australia/PSM), Goran Subara (Australia/PSM), Marwan Mustafa Sayedeh (Syria/PSM), Pierre Njanka Beyaka (Cameroon/Aceh United).

we do not believe you ,we also do not believe PSSI..
PSSI go to the hell...
those are players that moved from ISL to IPL, but as long as they have the paperwork in check, they cannot be deported. PSSI is not a government/authority, they are in fact, just an organization bound by the Indonesian law.

a professional footballer can only play in an offcially recognised league? lpi ain't recognised...
yes Lpi aint recognised, but thats another case. i was talking about the deportation threats. or you were responding to Anang because that fella accused you? lol

Which One Do You Chose ? Recognize by a bunch of corrupt old guy or recognize by 240 Million of people ? I think that NH , NDB and their ass lickers folks choose to stay in his own world .. well david , i think its another sarcastic joke of anthony i guess ... i know he is doing the right thing with all of those british attitude ..


i agree with david80 and Primadi..
ilegal or legal is just on the piece of paper..
it all can be changed..through the public's respond we can see that many people have welcome so much LPI..
Humm anang, i think you missed my point. I was talking about the immigration requirement not the LPI itself...the LPI is not recognised by the FA hence....its illegal actually.

@david80: do i missed point? he4x... After all,all LPI's lovers do not believing on PSSI anymore. Too many nonsense from PSSI. I believe that the issue about the deportation of LPI's foreign player is just what i called as a transferring issue from the big issues ,like corruption's case from Nurdin, ADT and NB. And also from the national meeting PSSI in Bali in coming weeks.
But, i still support ISL or LPI, as long as aiming for the indonesian football. But i say no to PSSI, they all sucks.

i have a good news for us..:
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