Sunday, February 27, 2011


LPI Confusion

I've been quick o praise the PR savviness of the Liga Primer Indonesia over recent weeks, a relative term given their up against the PSSI. But now a whine and quite a big one at that.

Bloody hell. Bit of confusion over when the Jakarta v Aceh game was in LPI. Local tabloid said Monday, club website said Sunday 3pm and a leaflet at last game said Sunday 7pm...Asked on Twitter and the LPI folks said Monday 3pm. They're wrong. It's on now...just drove past the bloody stadium, could have gone to see the bloody game...guess they had enough punters already, didn't need any more

I may have asked before but I didn't see any response:
Assuming the Indonesian government take care of things in a similar way to Thailand, how has the head of this rebel league been allowed to take it this far? I can only guess he is somewhat of a connected person himself, and with some gonads to match.
pretty sure i answered and the links were posted on thai football.

the president implicitly supports the lpi, the sports minister explicitly

both are against the fa who are firmly in the camp of a major political rival
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