Sunday, February 20, 2011


Indonesia Is The Story!

With so much happening in Indonesia I've been overlooking events in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand who have all recently kicked off their seasons.

It's worth pointing out here that the Indonesia Super League and the Divisi Utama, the official leagues, are in their mid season break. The fact that I'm getting so much from the Liga Primer Indonesia says alot about the people who run the game. I contact clubs or officials and they get back to me and are happy to accommodate a lard arsed English guy who turns down their offer of water and asks for beer.

It was only a few weeks ago that I was approached by an official at a Divisi Utama game who looked at me suspicioulsy and wanted to know what I was doing at the game! He said that if I was from the LPI I would have to leave!

And therein lies a major cultural difference between the two leagues. The PSSI is run by political types who shun publicity and treat outsiders with suspicion while the LPI is run by eager young folk who have grown up with the internet and foreign travel and know a thing or two about how things should work.

Ahaha Now Finally You Make an Article which fully support LPI ... I believe That You stand on Your Own Now ..
omg...just off to kip and i get this!

I'll sort you out 2morrow mate! had grief all weekend from robbie saying i'm anti LPI...
robbie who ? i taught anang was the one accused u anti lpi
robbie gaspar!
Ohh I C ... Well its kinda hard of becoming neutral .. i read BOLA since i was a child .. at the beginning they support LPI but then they support ISL since they became their media partner but after several protest they try to became neutral .. i have correspondencies with weshley hutagalung , the head of their international football news and they just want to correct that .. i believe your not anti LPI .. well only have some doubt at the begining .. but thats common in every new product launch..
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