Monday, February 28, 2011


FIFA Discuss Indonesia

FIFA - (clears throat)
PSSI - (clears throat and move pens around)
FIFA - (moves pens and handphones)
PSSI - (place handphones on table and smile 'cos they have bigger and better than FIFA)
FIFA - ok, let's start this meeting but I wanna be finished because have a golfing appointment at 10 am. Umm, Indonesia, what's all this we keep reading about match fixing and corruption?
PSSI - just our enemies. They have produced no evidence. Where are you playing?
FIFA - I see. So there is nothing like that going on under jurisdiction? At that course about 15 minutes away.
PSSI - no. If there was we would have heard about it!
FIFA - (guffaws)
PSSI - if we hear anything we will investigate...
PIFA - (frowns)
PSSI - I was going to add we will investigate thoroughly and take stern action
FIFA - that's wonderful to know. Please put that in the press release, the saps love strong sounding adjectives and adverbs. OK, let's get our clubs...

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