Thursday, January 27, 2011


Walking The Talk Part One

Ever since it was announced that an outside company would be getting involved in the Young Lions, trying to redefine the Singapore football experience many have sat back and waited. And waited. Followers of the game there are used to grandiose but meaningless statements. Whatever happened to the Strategic Plan for example?

Anyway the people behind the Young Lions have obviously been quietly busy behind the scenes and the first fruit of their labours comes in the form of a new website with a new name for the club. Now say what you like about corporate names for football clubs, I lose track in Vietnam, if it helps ignite interest in the game in Singapore then do it!

Both are a good start and a big improvement on most teams' websites of indeed sponsors. What is convergence anyway, I never did find out!

The acid test comes 12 February when they host SAFFC. Can they put the bums on seats and keep them there?

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