Sunday, January 30, 2011


NJ Mania's Divided Loyalty

NJ Mania are the lads who followed Persitara Jakarta Utara. A rowdy, boisterous bunch they now also follow Batavia Union in the breakaway Liga Primer Indonesia.

I saw Persitara play Persiraja the pther day and there was a healthy turn out of NJ Mania even though the core, them with the drums, turned up halfway through the first half.

Days later and I saw Batavia Union taking on Solo and again the NJ Mania were out in force. Arriving late of course.

Next weekend will see them facing a dilemma. Batavia Union are scheduled to host PSM in the LPI while Persitara host Persires at the Tugu Satdium.

Which game will they opt for?

And turn up late?

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