Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Funds Available In ISL & TPL

Indonesia Super League

Persija 2.3 million USD
Persiba 1.87 million USD
Sriwijaya 1.65 million USD
Persipura 1.65 million USD
PSPS 1.37 million USD
Persisam 1.32 million USD
Persela 1.21 million USD
Deltras 715,000 USD
Persijap 660,000 USD
Bontang 660,000 USD
Persiwa 660,000 USD

Pelita Jaya, Arema, Persib and Semen Padang rely on raising money on their own while the above clubs have to go cap in hand to the local government for their funding and that will soon be withdrawn from them. (Source; Top Skor)

Thai Premier League

Buriram PEA 3.63 million USD
Muang Thong United 2.63 million USD
TTM Phichit 2.72 million USD
BEC Tero 2.42 million USD
Chiang Rai 2.42 million USD
Police 2.12 million USD
Thai Port 1.96 million USD
Chonburi 1.66 million USD
Osotspa 1.81 million USD
Bangkok Glass 1.81 million USD
Army 1.66 million USD
Pattaya United 1.51 million USD
Siracha 1.51 million USD
Samut Songkram 1.51 million USD
Sisaket 1.21 million USD
Khon Kaen 905,000 USD
Siam Navy 560,000 USD

I think most Thai teams are privately funded, some by sponsors, some by wealthy owners and some by politicians who have suddenly discovered football as a way of courting popularity...I'm sorry, as a way of giving back to the electorate. (Source; Siam Sport and translated by Vinnie 'cos I've spent enough time on the lappie today)

'Funds available' is a bit ambiguous. Is the figure the transfer budget?
wages, travel expenses, tips (!)
in 8indonesia it refers to the budget they get from the local govt and is supposed to cover everything for the season

the same in thai i guess but there i'm not so sure of the sources in all cases
@anthony = i think its included the amount of the money corrupted by the club management LOL .. oh yeah good job on your today article and Solo FC australian macedonian's player interview..
thanks pw...hopefully some more interviews on the way
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