Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Tickets For Bukit Jalil

Anybody know where I can get tickets for the first leg of the AFF Cup Final in KL this weekend?

Tickets will be sell strt from Friday till match day tentatively..
thks shahril...
use your press id. it's valid :D
yeah but they wont let me take pix!
RM 30 - Open
RM 50 - Grandstand
RM 5 - Children

22 Dec (Thu) from 10.00am until 7.00pm at National Stadium Bukit Jalil yellow entrance
how about the vip/vvip seat? is there any? in gbk the vip cost 1m rupiah (about 350 rm) yeah our fa is a jokes
VIP seat is grandstand
Mr S!

RM50 tickets sold out within hours! Now only RM30 tickets are available. If you dropping in town and want to watch the game, drop me a line at borakbola at gmail dot com, I have extra tickets, you are welcome to join me and my mates!

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