Monday, December 20, 2010


Indonesia v The Philippines 1-0

Indonesia reached their first ASEAN Football Federation Cup Final since 2004 after defeating the Philippines at the Bung Karno 1-0. The 2-0 aggregate victory sets up a clash between Indonesia and Malaysia with a new name guaranteed on the trophy.

Christian Gonzalez scored the only goal of the game just before half time with a screamer from outside the box giving him three for the tournament. It also meant the Philippines had to try and score twice in 45 minutes and that was never gonna happen given their striking options. Three goals in their previous 400 plus minutes meant the game as a contest was over.

There were some nervy moments in the second half for the Indonesians caused, it must be said, by themselves rather than their opponents. Goalkeeper Markus Horison showed his old knack for fumbling balls driven hard at his midriff rather than catching them and several long throws had the defence panicking.

Maybe it's my anorak tendencies showing through, but I find it interesting that Indonesia's goals (and everyone else's, for that matter) are fairly spread out. Loco has three and five others have two. Hopefully that shows a diversity in attack and drifting away from funneling the attack through a single player.

I was a little disappointed to hear the old excuses about bigger, stronger "European" players out of the Indonesian camp, though. It doesn't sound good when Japan does it, and Indonesia isn't any better.
the funny about that is you'll soon find people complaining there isnt someone who can guarantee 20 + goals!

i call it the henry syndrome. when he was at arsenal we were too reliant on him,when we left and the goals were spread round the team we missed him...
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