Thursday, December 30, 2010


Indonesia v Malaysia 2-1

Congratulations to Malaysia on winning their first ever ASEAN Football Federation Cup. Despite losing 2-1 on the night, their 3-0 triumph in KL last weekend means they won the trophy 4-2 on aggregate and, coupled with the SEA Games they won in Lao 12 months ago they are now undoubtedly the football kings of ASEAN.

As for Indonesia they will forever rue that mad 12 minutes at the Bukit Jalil Stadium immediately following the interruption in play when they shipped three goals. At the end of the day it left them with just too much to do in the second leg.

And yet. Indonesia came out the blocks like a greyhound at White City. Malaysia spent much of the first half on the back foot as Indonesia tore down the flanks creating opportunity after opportunity. At half time had it been three or even four nil Malaysia would not have had too much to complain about.

Just like the opening group stage it was Malaysia who took the lead, this time through Safee Sali. The goal came about after Arif Suyono, attacking down the left, lost possession cheaply. Malaysia swept forward and Salee swept home to leave 95,000 fans stunned and Indonesia needing to win 5-1 again.

Goals from Nasuha and Ridwan, tellingly flank players, helped Indonesia bounce back and they finished strongly but will forever rue those 12 minutes in KL and the first half profligacy that has cost them the trophy.

haha! indonesia finished strongly? you must be kidding me. FYI, after a stunning strike from tournament TOP SCORER, malaysia clearly put a break and slowing down a bit. malaysia KIDS who by the way didn't have enough and proper training a day before the match (thanks to indonesia who provided no-training pitch) clearly believed that trophy is theirs just after 60th playing. so, what they did is they tried to avoid any unnecessary injury by playing slow and steady. even substitution told us that when RAJAGOBAL replaced the almighty holding midfielder with right back. so my friend, tactical is very important. i bet, if under difference circumstances, malaysia without the doubt would kick indonesia 2 or 3 nil easily at senayan. these kids, as you put it, are the new KINGS of asean.
being saying they would rule asean since before the sea games my friend

welcome on board by the way
yes casual, malaysia is the new king of ASIAN.......opps...ASEAN cheers!
@Casual = So when Malaysian park the bus in front of the Goalie and only hold a defense , indonesia still can put 2 goals in their net ...iam just wondering how STRONG Malaysia are !! .. if they keep attacking then their defense will be open and more goals to indonesia .. don't you know the footy tactics before speak your mind .. pathetic commments ..
But By the end of the day .. winning is Winning and Malaysia is the winner ... Theyre the best in ASEAN currently .. and with their help current Indonesian FA can't claim that the football is better under them .. #NURDINTURUN !!!
good game and to be frank, Malaysia would not even be at Semi Final if it wasn't because of their tidy defense and superb goalkeeping by Khairul Fahmi.

Malaysia's attack and midfield is a joke, they lose the ball easily but tidy defense, accurate long ball and superb finish are enough to win the game at ASEAN level !

Well done Malaysia. I hope all ASEAN teams step up their game and start shortening the gap between the Middle Eastern teams which most are at higher level than here.

f**k off la! i'm malaysian supporter also but i never behave in a barbaric manner like you!
jakartacasual, I am immensely glad to have stumbled upon your site! Thanks for your irreverent but incredibly knowledgable take on footy in the region.

I completely agree with your assessment. It's a shame Indonesia couldn't convert a few of their first half chances -- things would've been very different had Utina's pen been converted.

After Bukit Jalil, and having won 5-1 in the group stages, I was worried the majority of Indonesia's new army of fans would be whiny and disappointed if we won the match but still lost out on aggregate. In the end I was happy to see that most people were stoic about the result and still cheered on the Garudas (or is that Merah Putihs? can't keep up). Mature intelligent fans... or just couldn't be arsed :-) Discuss.
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