Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Cack Handed Ticket Sales

In the last four years Indonesia have hosted three major footballing tournaments. The Asian Football Confederation and the ASEAN Football Federation seem to like having Indonesia as host because they put bums on seats.

In 2007 Indonesia was one of four hosts of the Asian Cup. In 2008 they hco held the AFF Cup and again this year.

Yet they still seem unable to manage a viable way of selling tickets to fans.

They way it's been working is that people have to turn up at the Stadium on an appointed day, queue for god knows how long, hand over their cash and receive a coupon. They then have to return a few days later, queue some more then exchange the coupon for a ticket.

Then they go back to the stadium and watch the game.

We are now in the 21st century and it is difficult to think of a more convoluted way of selling tickets than this scheme dreamt up by the FA.

On line sales apparently haven't proved that popular but again you pay your money at an ATM, go on line and tell them you have paid then you go to their office with your printed receipt and collect the bloody ticket!

The thing with Indonesia of course is that it is a bloody big country and not everyone lives in Jakarta.

It would make sense to decentralise ticket sales. Maybe make them available through banks, mini marts, super markets, petrol stations, that kind of thing so that fans are not inconvenienced so many times.

Of course this method ain't about anybody's convenience. It's about the FA not trusting anybody else with their money. It's about keeping that lovely cash as close to hand as possible.

spot on dude...
and that is only about Indonesian fans wanting to get ticket, not considering if people overseas do want to buy tickets
but again, Indonesia from Sabang-Merauke is as big as Europe.
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