Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Results 26/10 - More Home Team Controversy

AFF Cup Qualifiers

Cambodia v Philippines 0-0

I think it's a fairly safe bet to suggest the Philippines have made it through to the AFF Cup proper after playing out a blank with cambodia. Doncha love ASEAN's love of compromise?! Why weren't both ties played at the same time I wonder? As it happens Laos play Timor Leste knowing they have to win by a three goal margin or more to go through.

Lao v Timor Leste 6-1

This result means that Lao will be heading to Jakarta in December to play Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia!

Indonesian Super League

Semen Padang v Persija 1-0 (Hengky Ardiles) 8,000

With all the controversy swirling round at the moment about alleged dodgy decisions favouring the home team the last thing Indonesian football wanted was yet more controversy. But of course that's exactly what it go. Bambang Pamungkas looked to have broken the offside trap and levelled the score with three minutes remaining the ref, responding to a linesman's flag, wiped out the Indonesian striker's effort.

Was it offside? I only got one glance, for some reason the TV company did not show a replay, and it looked like Bambang was at least in line with the last three defenders. Yep, three. Well, that's what it looked like. Like I say, no replays despite the promise, after the final whistle, of second half analysis there was none.

Moments later Semen Padang had a goal disallowed but by then the damage was done, at least as far as Persija were concerned. I may not be totally convinced by the proposed Liga Primer Indonesia but right now if the Tooth Fairy came in and promised to clean the game up I would support it.

Pelita Jaya v PSPS Pekanbaru 2-3 (Ramirez, Ardan Aras; April Hadi, Herman Dzumafo, Shin Hyun Joon) 570

1 - Persipura 5 4 1 0 19-3 13
2 - Arema 5 3 1 1 12-4 10
3 - Semen Padang 5 3 1 1 6-1 10
4 - Persija 5 3 1 1 7-3 10
5 - PSPS 5 3 1 0 8-6

8 - Boas Solossa (Persipura)
5 - Dzumafo (PSPS), M Riduan (Arema)


SAFFC v Beijing Guoan 4-2 (Park Tae Won 3, John Wilkinson; Wang Hao, Jiang Tao)

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