Tuesday, October 26, 2010



In England it’s the vote of confidence. In Indonesia it’s less democratic but just as fatal for coaches. Lose two or three games in quick succession and you can be sure it won’t be long before the football club management, abhorring the whole notion of defeat, will be sure to start mumbling about how they will soon evaluate the coach’s performance.

I’m not sure what goes on at these evaluations. Does the management sit round a big round table and watch videos of the previous games trying to highlight what has gone wrong? Do they look at the league table and think Oi, you’re shit fella? Do they take into account injuries, a referee’s whistle going the other way?

Buggered if I know. But all too often the result is the same. The coach packs his bag and wonders why he wasn’t born French then he could have got the Arsenal job.

It’s an illuminating thought but imagine some of the jokers who run clubs here, imagine if they were say running Manchester United in the late 1980s. Sir Alex would never have been round enough to have become knighted, under Indonesian football management he would have been axed before the end of his first season or just into the beginning of his second.

Arsene Wenger would have left Arsenal probably in the early months of 2006, none of this nonsense of five years without a trophy, the local boys demand instant success and if it don’t happen then there is always that axe and there is always a coach out there who is willing to do things their way.

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