Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Indonesia v Uruguay

Next Friday sees Indonesia take on Uruguay in the biggest friendly on these shores for many a year. Alfred Riedl's first game in charge sees the Mreah-Putih take on a team that just a few months ago was competing in the World Cup with big name stars like Luis Suarez, Diego Forlan and Enzo Francescolli. Oh wait, he quit yonks agon.

But will anyone turn up? Cheapest tickets are being quoted at 75,ooo rupiah, about 8.20 USD while top whack is anything from 1.5 to 2 million rupiah which works out at 165 - 220 USD!

And this for a friendly...

Makes sense ... it probably cost the PSSI a pretty penny to bring in Uruguay after all the star power it earned in South Africa.

Let's just hope they remembered to book the stadium and the brown shirts actually allow them to play.
i think the spectator aren't complete fully. Because The ticket's prize are so expensive. PSSI never learn it. There are a lot of poor people. Maybe Economy Indonesian has already grow up, but not all. will see
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