Monday, May 24, 2010


Tantan (Persitara)

I was dismissive of Tantan during the first half of the season. Yes he did have some good moments but he was playing a such a poor side that a damp candle would have shone out.

Several people within the game however felt that I was underestimating him. He was looking good, they claimed, because he was playing good. Nothing to do with what's around him, he was doing the business.

Second half of the season and yes, Persitara showed some improvement on the field. Tantan, with a greater mobility than earlier in the campaign, was still showing trickery and guile. But this time there was end product. He was scoring and creating.

Praise has been fulsome though as far as this blog is concerned anonymous. One player was so impressed he was moved to suggest Tantan, formerly with Persikab, could do a job in the lower leagues in England.

Even my old man, who has no idea what's what in the local league, was moved enough during the recent Jakarta derby to suggest there Tantan was a 'good little player.'

Indonesian football is forever in a state of flux and uncertainty but if I had a hat I would put it on Tantan playing at a different club next season.

Tantan from "anak kampung" become top player in's a long journey. But I don't know if he suitable play in lower leagues in England..hehe
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