Sunday, May 30, 2010


The best laid plans and all that

I had it all worked out.

I flew back from Singapore on the Saturday meaning to take in Persitara v Persijap in the afternoon. I got to the stadium to find some kind of anti smoking gig going on utside and dozens of fans from both teams milling round waiting for something to happen.

Buggered if I was going to wait till 7pm for the game so headed to Bung Karno to catch with with Arema training. Their were already thousands of fans milling round the stadium with 24 hours till kick off.

Today I went back to Bung Karno trying to get hold of tickets for the Arema game. The estimated 130 buses from Malang had already arrived and there were freaking thousands round the stadium; many had camped overnight.

After an exhausting search I finally found some tickets. By then I was knackered, so was the wife and so was my son. The lap top had died on Thursday in Singapore, I had a shit load of work to catch up on, judging by the crowds it looked like another late night.

So in the finest tradition of Jakarta Casual we went home!

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