Thursday, April 29, 2010


Thai Under 23 Squad


Kawin Thammasatchanon - Muang Thong United

Samuel Por Cunningham - TOT-CAT

Ukrit Wongmeena - Buriram P.E.A

Todsapon Sri-Rueng - TTM Phichit


Suttinan Phuk-hom - Chonburi

Polawat Wangkahart - TOT-CAT

Arthit Duangsawang - TOT-CAT

Teeratorn Boonamatan - Buriram P.E.A

Sujarit Jantakul - Sri Racha

Nawapol Tantraseni - Muangthong United

Kosawat Wongwailikit - Osotspa Saraburi

Polawat Pinkong - Bangkok United

Adulchai Sansook - TTM Phichit


Wichaya Dechmitr - Bangkok Glass

Surachet Ngamtip - Bangkok Glass

Anawin Jujeen - Bangkok Glass

Wannapon Buspakom - Bangkok Glass

Kabfah Boonmatoon - Osotspa Saraburi

Kriangkhai Pimrat - Chonburi

Attapong Nooprom - Chonburi

Phuritat Jarikanon - Chonburi

Ekkachai Sumrei - Thai Port

Alef Poh-ji - Thai Port

Jakkapan Keawprom - Muang Thong United

Jakkpan Poonsai - Police United

Polawut Donjui - Buriram P.E.A

Natarid Thammarodsapon - BEC Tero


Teerasil Dangda - Muang Thong United

Ronnachai Rangsiyo - Muang Thong United

Chayanan Pombuppha - Muang Thong United

Keerati Keawsombat - Buriram P.E.A

Issarapong Lilakorn - Thai Port

Sittipan Chumchuay - Samut Songkhram

Wantorn In-utane - TTM Phichit

The Thai squad for the Asian Games will be centred on many of these players...possibly.

Indonesia Under-23 squad
..... eerrrr



....hhmmm??? Is Bambang Pamungkas still eligible??

Instead of waiting for new coach, maybe BTN should hold many selection in Jakarta and Palembang. Then, three months before any event, the national camp starts with coach from out of nowhere, who can even speak Indonesian or English. So, PSSI could play their old lame blame game
got any boots?
got any boots?
What is PSSI preparing u-23 team for??...They won't even send a team to Asian Games..
sea games next year!!! they ve been told to win it!!

in 2007 the under 23s had loads of money thrown at them and they even played syria in a world cup qualifier...

This is Unfair squad

wannapon Buspakom's son of auttapon assist of thai nt "He only got the job because his father pulled a few strings" played only 2 match with bangkok glass last season but now not played in this season.

Ronnachai Rangsiyo and Nawapol Tantraseni They're injured why called ?

FAT has "friends in high places" in Thai NT squad

FAT = Very Poor's the fact

Ps. sorry english no good
This squad called to select players for asian game not fina squad
no need to apologise for bad english my friend

unfortunately for much of this region family connections will trump merit
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