Thursday, April 29, 2010


Tantan to Persib?

There hasn't been a whole lot to smile about for Persitara fans though things have improved somewhat over the second half of the season but one shining light has been the hard working Tantan. Signed pre season from Persikab he struggled alongside Prince Bello Kabir in the first half of the season but blossomed once Diego Mendieta came in and gave him a freer role.

He runs his socks off for the cause and is also a dab hand with set pieces. Yesterday he scored both goals to help Persitara defeat Persib 2-1 and afterwards admitted that he would be sorely tempted if Persib tried to sign him.

That's one thing about Persitara. They lack the budgets of other ISL clubs and their forward planning makes others look Soviet like. This means they are left picking up players no one else wanted and of they do the business for the North Jakarta side they will be picked up.

A couple of examples from last season include John Tarkpor, Mostapha Aji and Rachmat Rivai.

Nice info, I hope he would be replace Budi next season.
budi doesnt seem to be doing anything beyond keeping the bech warm at persib. he shouldshave that beard for starters...
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