Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Results 21/04 - Sriwijaya reach knock out stage


Binh Duong v Selangor 4-0 (Kelsey Alves 3, Nguyen Vu Phong) 20,000
Sriwijaya v Victory 5-0 (Richard Obiora 3, Zah Rahan, Arif Suyono) 11,215

That's 11 goals in three games since last Friday for Sriwijaya as they progress to the next stages of both the Indonesia Cup and the AFC Cup

And how about this for a useless fact. Hat tricks were scored by imports Obiora and Alves while Selangor, who remain foreigner free, scored zilch.

Indonesia Cup

Persib v Persipasi 4-0 (Cristian Gonzales 3, Budi Sudarsono)
Persita v Pelita Jaya 0-1 (Marwan)
Persitara v Persik 0-4 (Saktiawan Sinaga 3, Yongki Aribowo)
Persibo v PSBI 1-0
Persiram v Persipura 2-3 (Titus Bonai, Englebert Sani; Qu Cheng, Victor Igbenefo 2)
Persiwa v PSM 0-1
(Osvaldo Moreno)

Talk about blown away. Never in my widlest expectations did I think that Persiwa would be knocked out playing in Papua. Teams in italics go through. Saktiawan Sinaga hit his 3rd hat trick of the season to see off sorry Persitara


Gombak United v Home United 1-0 (Fazrul Nawaz) 1,879

The Bulls moved 2nd with this win over Home but they have played two games more than leaders Tampines and are two points behind while Home are 5th

Just wondering what country does this Marwan guy came from? Some says he is from Syria and some says he is from Saudi Arabia? I think you should interviewed him, he is one of the quality Asian Imports in ISL.
could try and make some enquiries...i heard saudi. their import in the first half of the season was jordanian...not so sure about this lad
There are some good asian players in the 2nd half of the season in ISL, but these two players Marwan(Pelita) and Han Jin Hoo(Persik), impressed me with their vision, skills, determination and how they can adapt the ISL so fast. Of course we cannot forget the asian imports from the first half of the season that already become the central part of the team such as The Arema duo(NAS & Ridhuan,Kenji(Bontang), Mekan Nasirov(Persik), Pipat(Persisam), Phaitoon(Persijap). Perhaps at the end of the season the BLI should create a Charity Tournament consist of ISL Indonesian selection, ISL Asian Team(consist of the best asian players in ISL) and ISL Foreign team(African, Latin players in ISL). What do you think?
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