Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Learning from the Thais

Muang Thong United are in Malang for their final AFC Cup game against Persiwa at the Gajayana Stadium later today and in a perfect world I would be at the game but the world ain't perfect.

Contrasting Persiwa and Muang Thong would be pointless. That's like comparing a night on Jalan Jaksa with a night at the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok.

If I were Persiwa, or indeed any ISL team I would be hanging on to Muang Thong's every word and every utterance. I would be looking at their training, their professionalism and seeing what is needed to make a football club.

Forget Asia at the moment Indonesia makes no impression on South East Asia despite the ludicrous targets set automatically each year. This year they have to win the SAFF Cup even though they have no coach!

Indonesian football needs to recognise this and set out about rectifying it. One way they could do that is to send coaches and administrators to well run clubs in the region and see how they do things. OK, not the administrators who have enough free jaunts already.

Demanding players do extra stamina work, believe it or not, is not going to improve the team

What sort of home gates do Persiwa get?
i think its a flat 5000 each game though sometimes up to 7000...those are the announced ones.
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